7 Free Testing Artifacts / Deliverables Template To Download

Testing Artifacts are deliverables or documents prepared during the testing process. These documents are shared at different stages of Testing with different stakeholders like clients, Test Managers, Team members, and other people involved in the project.

Testing Artifacts Templates:

We have provided Free, Ready To Use, 7 Testing Artifacts Templates (QA Plan, RQM, TSR, Defect Report etc..) to download, which will be helpful for your projects.

1. Test Plan / QA plan Template:

Test plan is a very important, essential, and crucial part of the test life cycle. Well planned and executed test ensures good quality software. In simple words, Test Planning is planning everything involved in testing and Test Plan is a document where test planning is written.

Download Test/QA Plan Template:

QA Plan Template

2. Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM):

Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) is a table (mostly a spreadsheet) that shows if each requirement has a respective Test case/cases to make sure if the requirement is covered for testing.

It is basically used to ensure that ALL the requirements and Change Requests are or will be tested.

Download RTM Template:

RTM Template

3. Test Scenarios Template:

Test Scenario is nothing but the function that can be tested. It is also called Test Condition or Test Possibility. A single Test Scenario can cover one or more Test Cases.

Test Scenario is ‘What to be tested’ and Test Case is ‘How to be tested’.

Download Test Scenario Template:

Test Scenario Template

4. Test Cases Template (TC):

Test Case (TC) is the base for testing an application. It is a set of actions to take to verify if the function of the software application is working as expected.

TCs are designed and executed to find defects in the software application in the early stages. So the defects can be fixed and the quality of software application can be improved.

Download Test Case Template :
Test Case Template

5. Test Data Template :

Test data is a production like data used by Test Cases to test software applications. Usually, Test Data is collected into a document called Test Data Document, that is used by Test Cases and Test Scripts at the time of execution.

Download the Test Data Template here :

Test Data Template

6. Defect Report Template:

When the Test Execution phase starts everyone from developers to the management team is more interested in defects.  So QA or Test Lead needs to send daily defect status report to showcase testing progress. This is one of the important Testing artifacts that testing team shares.

Download the Defect Report Template here :
Defect Report Template

7. Test Summary Report (TSR):

As the name suggests Test Summary Report (TSR) is a summary of your testing phase. The document provides a snapshot of testing efforts so far. Mostly Test Leader or Test Manager prepares TSR at the end of the testing phase. In case of big projects, TSR can be published at the end of each testing cycle. And for agile project, it is published at the end of each Sprint.

TSR is sent to the Client or higher management team to review the testing efforts by the testing team against the Test Plan.

Download Test Summary Report (TSR) Template:

Download TSR Template


Finally, you are free to make changes in the above templates suitable for your requirements. every test artifact or document mentioned above should never be static and should be modified from time to time as the application requirements change or new functionalities are added.

Please let us know if you need any other template in particular. will surely add it.

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