Oracle SQL Command Handbook

Every developer works with database in some form or other. Either he directly gets involved with PL/SQL Programming where he writes huge procedures and functions or some times he ends up writing only select statements for some web service or user interface He gets exposure to multiple relational databases and starts comparing different database features and depending upon his needs he likes one over another. But what ever he do, he needs to keep few set of SQL commands handy so that he can use them when ever in needs. After all one can not remember every thing he learns, but keeping note of thing will definitely going to save a lot. In this post I will try to document all the commands that I kept note of 🙂

Creating Table Space of given size

Alter Table Space

Create Users

Create or Replace writable directory for oracle

Import dump file from one schema to another

Export schema to dump file

Drop All from Schema

This will give you set of queries that you need to copy and execute on either sqlplus or sqldeveloper
Know tables space usage

Know tables space and data file loacations

Get user grants

Know session/system variable status

Connect to remote db using sqlplus

List PUMP Directories

I hope all the readers find this command compilation useful. Feel free and comment with any command you want to add in above list.

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