How to learn a Programming Language easily

Learning a programming language is as good as eating a cake! Basically all language have same fundamental pieces that one must understand.Â

  • How to define variables
  • How to call language constructs/functions
  • How to execute the program

Defining the variables is some what similar in all languages. Just you have to take care that you follow the type according to language. For example c, c++, java are tightly coupled languages,  meaing you can not declare integer and use it for strings. You have to decide the type of varible before you use them. Unlike to this “PHP” is loosly typed language. In PHP you don’t even have to declare a variable. You just think of it and use it.

To use functions in any language you need to know what functions are there and how to you get them in your program. In C, C++ you need to include some header files. In Java you have to import some libs. In Php you dont have to include or import any thing unless and untill its your custom program and written in separate file.

The last step, you must know how to execute the program. C, C++ you get compilers, that you use to comile first and then build the program and then run the exe.  Java is also somewhat similatr fashion, convert the source into bytecode and execute the bytecode.  PHP is server side language.  so it needs a client and a server to execute. Client will request a page/program and server will fulfill the request by executing the program and sending output back to client.

Among C, C++, Java and PHP, I found PHP the easiest to learn and get command over it. It may be because I had prior knowledge of C, C++ and Java.

As you learn the basics of any language,  it will get easy for you to understand much more complex parts of languages.

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