6 Tips To Deal With IT Professional’s Anxiety

Last weekend my sabjiwala said, “mam aap to IT me ho, itna kyu bargain kar rahe ho”. (You are in IT, why are you bargaining hard ) And I was like…anyways.. People envy IT professionals, the most. That is because other people can only see our Salary(which they assume), two days off a week and not but the least our lifestyle which we try hard to show off.

IT Professional’s Anxiety

But what they don’t know and we also scare to admit is, a wind of anxiety which seems to have swept everyone with its powerful force. Nobody and no one can claim to be free from its clutches. And for programmers and developers, it’s at its highest peak.

But the good news is, it is not impossible to overcome anxiety. It just takes proper planning, lifestyle changes and change in attitude to deal with it. Here we share 6 effective ways to deal with and overcome the IT Professional’s anxiety.

1. Planning Is What Utmost Needed:

It is very common that if a person doesn’t plan, anxiety will overlap the mind. In most cases, we don’t understand the requirements of the client. So, it is always suggested that note down the points of what the client is saying. Get clear with the client’s requirements and plan accordingly. If you plan, then you will certainly work clearly with ease. On the other hand, always analyze the business prospect, get clear with the estimations. Be upfront with all assumptions and dependencies.

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With the help of these basic planning, you will be able to manage the work and meet the deadlines. This will not only help you to work more efficiently but will also help you to overcome anxiety.

2. No Harm in Asking for Help:

It is not necessary that you always know everything and when one takes challenging tasks than anxiety will certainly strike you at some point. In that panic situation, just take a little breath and ask for help. Teamwork is always better than one person working alone; so, ask your peers, managers or just check online forums like Reddit.

This will help you work efficiently and effectively on the codes. If you get stuck at the time of coding then just check if any existing reference code available online. You can always refer an idea or code and build from there, but make sure you don’t just rip off the code as-is. So don’t make it heavy on your mind, Relax, ask for help or just ask “Google Baba”.

3. Take A Moment Out For Yourself:

When the workload increases, the panic mode gets on naturally. So to deal with anxiety, take a moment out for yourself. A little leisure time will help you out in dealing with anxiety. Go to the cafeteria, have a coffee break or go to the play area. Divert your mind with the help of some leisure activities. This will help you cope up with your anxiety and you will feel better.

This leisure time will refresh your mind and you will feel boosted. These little activities will enhance your creative ability to work. You will feel the ends meetings and ultimately you will reach success in your work. Always remember, anxiety comes from multitasking. Avoid multitasking, if you want to cope up with anxiety. Always take up the tasks that you are good at.

4. Don’t Take It Hard On Yourself:

Your workplace is your second home and at some point in time, your work will hamper because of some reasons in the workplace. let it be politics at workplace, competitiveness, leg-pulling or backbiting. all these factors may lead to anxiety at the workplace. So train your mind against such practices at the workplace.

Learn to laugh, ignore, forget and forgive to keep your mind at peace. If your mind will be at peace, you will be able to code more efficiently. Anxiety will keep at bay if you will be at the bay of such practices. We always suggest that you should ignore things that hamper you and your work. Be at peace with your mind and cope with working anxiety.

5. Avoid Extremes: Overthink Or Overdo

A cup filled to the brim will not only fall but it will create a mess. So it is with everything in its extremities. Do not at any time try to overachieve or overdo things comparing yourself with others. As this would lead to stress and angst. Overthinking will also lead to anxiety and depression.

Avoid the temptation of falling into this vicious cycle as it would be very difficult to come out of it. So, let go of the habit of extremes and follow the middle path. One must always work according to one’s capacity and give one’s best to what one does. The rest along with stress should be filtered out of the system. Balance is the key and very essential in all walks of life.

6. Be Physically, Mentally and Spiritually Fit:

Our bodies are like organic machines that need food, exercise and rest. A proper and balanced diet of proteins, fats vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates, six to eight hours of sound sleep and exercise is a must. So if we deprive ourselves of proper diet, exercise and rest we become physically unfit, stressed and frustrated.

This bodily stress then takes upon our mental and spiritual health. Keep your mind free from unnecessary clutter. Be alert mentally. Calm your nerves with meditation and yoga. Find reasons to be happy as little children. Do not think ill of others and keep your spirits calm, composed and healthy.


I hope the above tips will definitely help with IT professionals’ anxiety. As a beginner, you working in IT can be overwhelming for you, but eventually, you will be comfortable. Learn, Laugh and Grow.


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