6 Part Time Jobs For IT Engineers To Earn Extra Money

Part Time Jobs For IT Engineers

You have no other responsibilities than your job or ever thought of doing part-time jobs after coming back from your daily work routine? If yes, then you will be delighted to know that there are lots of part-time jobs available for software engineers. You can do anything in your area of expertise for that extra bucks. You can try your hand in writing technical content, can earn from your YouTube channel, can be a software trainer, can do a freelance project and can even teach students that are keen to learn.

You must know what you are good at and how can you spend your spare time learning and earning that extra cash. These days, your full-time jobs satisfy basic needs but may not fulfill your desires like vacations at exotic locations or throwing a party at high-end restaurants. The cost of living these days is so much expensive; especially when you are living in metropolitan cities. So, that extra income will not only help you to reach some of your life goals but will also keep you busy.

Let’s discuss the various part-time jobs opportunities that you can try your hands on, being a software engineer

1. Technical / Content Writer:

Content writing jobs are readily available in the market and out of them, technical blogging or content is the highest paid ones. You, being a software engineer, makes you capable enough to understand the required technical content from the client. In recent trends, most of the companies are updating their websites with loads of technical information. And for writing that technical blog or content, companies prefer to hire freelance content writers.

If you are really interested and can dedicate a few hours, you are most welcome to write for [email protected] and earn some cash instantly.

Pros: Initially you maybe get paid less as no prior experience.

Cons: It takes time to generate original and quality content.

2. Freelancing:

In your spare time, you can also pick up various freelance projects. These projects can be picked up by contacting various companies, researching the needs of clients on social platforms or by making your account on various websites like freelancers.com or upwork.com. Initially, you can start with small assignments until you get confidence. You can work on these assignments in your free time and once you complete those projects, the money will be collected for all your hard work. While being a freelancer, you must be cautious about fraudulent activities and should work with care.

Pros: Can get a good amount of money from the client.

Cons: The scope of fraud is more here. Need to search for genuine clients. Also, it takes time to build credibility on these platforms.

3. Corporate Trainer:

Do you have the skills to make people understand? Do you have the training skills?

If yes, then you can try your hands in becoming a corporate trainer/special skills trainer or can also be a certified trainer. Most of the software engineers opt to be part-time trainers as well. Being a trainer can be a part-time or full-time job. It is on you that how much time you want to spend on training others. If you are extraordinary in a particular skill then you can also make others learn about it by being a special skill set trainer at the institute. Being a trainer is a good option as you will not only improve your skills but will also earn by training part-time.

Pros: Can earn a handsome amount depending on skills.

Cons: With knowledge, communication skill is also required.

4. Guest Faculty OR Teaching Students:

Being a guest faculty at schools can also be a part-time option. Every school wants to groom its students in every field. Being a software engineer makes you perfect to pass some skills to the school students. You can take guest lectures at schools when you are on a day off. You can also teach students in the evening. You can take the tuition for various subjects that you have come across while studying. Taking tuitions will bring you money and will help you with your daily expenses.

Pros: Spending time with small kids can be a refreshing and altogether different experience.

Cons: Need some preparation before the start of the sessions.

5. Coach On Digital Learning Platforms:

These days many of the learners are learning through digital paid platforms. SkillshareUdemy are some of them that have gained popularity through their digital courses in various fields. You can also start your online course and can gain from the subscriptions. This platform is kind-of starting a digital academy. All you have to do is, design a course and get some paid subscriptions. This is a great way to start earning part-time.

Pros: Offline courses can generate good passive income

Cons: Designing a complete course may be time-consuming

6. Own Blog / YouTube Channel:

Starting technical Blogging or a YouTube channel could be one of the options which can generate lots of steady income in the long run. You can choose a Technical blog aligned to your technical skills so you find it easy and motivated. You can take our example. I and my husband are software engineers and running this blog out of passion which is helping us to get some extra money ?

YouTube channels not only bring money but also brings fame to them. Channels like Programming with Mosh and GeekyRanjit not only earned fame but also earned a lot of money and to your surprise, both channels are operated by regular full-time workers. You can also be famous, but the golden mantra is to feed the relevant information and be consistent in posting the content. People search for technical videos all the time on YouTube and you can focus on posting technical content that can meet the need of the audience. Once people start viewing you then you can earn a huge sum of money, maybe more than your fixed income. But you need patience here.

Pros: There is no limit on how much you can grow and earn

Cons: Need time to achieve popularity and financial gain. Also, need basic knowledge of video editing.


All these part-time jobs listed will be of great help for any software engineer. This will also help you to find your passion which will help in the long run. So what you are waiting for? Make your mind and earn in your spare time.

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