Oracle SQL Command Handbook

Every developer works with database in some form or other. Either he directly gets involved with PL/SQL Programming where he writes huge procedures and functions or some times he ends

Java Design Patterns List

Here is the list of Java Design Patterns. I am putting all together for now, will try to add explanation and code samples shortly – Creational Java Design Patterns Abstract

Threads vs Processes

Threads and Processes helps in concurrent execution of any application. Article lists out some basic points to compare Threads vs Processes Process: an architectural construct : can affect the architecture of

Object oriented concepts – Java

Q: What are basic OOPS Concepts? A: – Inheritance : When a child class acquires all the methods and properties of parent class it is called inheritance. Java supports inheritance either

Java Sorting using Comparator

Lets see how we can sort our Employee objects using different criteria like id, name, salary. SortTest remains the main class that will perform creating and filling objects for us.

Java Sorting using Comparable

In Java you can do sorting by implementing 2 interfaces 1) Comparable 2) Comparator Here we will see sorting example using Comparable Interface. As an example we will be sorting

Get all urls from a web page

Here I’m going to post a class that will extract all valid urls from a web page. My class uses “URLConnectionReader” provided by Sun Tutorial Class defines 2 constructors. One

Connect to MySQL in Java

It’s been too long, I didnt get time to post anything OpenSource. So here I am again with one simple class Database, to connect to MySQL in Java. You can

Simple Logger

If you are programming in PHP, I bet you are using “prints and dies” to debug your code. I know its the easiest way to debug any web based program.