12 effective tips to write impressive and catchy QA/Software Tester’s Resume to surely get call for an interview

When I was fresher, like all others, I used to submit my resume to all job sites, job fairs, and almost all companies. But I never received any response from them. And now, after 12 years, when I see my those old resumes, I laugh out at myself. There are so many mistakes I have done. Even today when I receive experienced QA or Software Tester’s resumes, I can easily point out silly flaws at one glance.

Preparing a good, exciting and catchy resume is a key to success. We have to remember that each recruiter spends only a few seconds looking through received applications. Therefore, it is essential to focus on every detail. IT industry is growing fast which means the competition for each job offer is getting bigger and bigger. That is why, while thinking about a new job, you should prepare a document that not only highlights your skills, strengths but also shows your value that you can bring to the new company.

Here are 12 effective ways to write impressive and catchy QA Software Tester Resume :

1. Do Your QA Software Tester Research

No matter if you are an entry-level QA Software Tester or you have experience. Before you create a resume, do your research regarding the market. Check the job offers to make sure what the recruiters are looking for. You need to be informed about trends regarding the salary for this job position and the requirements of recruiters. That way you will know what to expect from future job interviews.

2. Create a Career Objective

IT is a competitive market that is why you need to make sure that your resume stands out from hundreds of others. The recruiter needs to see the most important details about you straight away. Create your career objective summarising your main skills or experience. Write just a simple one or two sentences that will bring the recruiter’s attention to the essential information about you. Think about something that makes you a more valuable candidate than others.

Career Objective Example:

“QA Software Tester with two years of experience working on various global projects. Possesses a Master’s Degree in Informational Technology from the University of Illinois”

3. Focus On Your Technical Skills

Most of the recruiters looking for IT Specialists use the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) which searches for keywords and phrases to check if the candidate matched the recruiter’s requirements for the job position. Therefore, make sure you put all technical skills, technical knowledge, education, certificates and professional experience using IT terms and keywords that you can find in a job offer.

4. Divide Your Resume Into Sections

Your resume should be easy to read and not too complicated. The recruiter doesn’t have time to look for the needed information. That is why you should divide your resume into sections. It will help you to fit in more details about your skills and experience on one page. If you write everything in bullet points, most of the page will be full after you get to the half your resume.
Create sections regarding each of the information you want to introduce. Example sections: Skills, Experience, Certificates, etc.

5. Make Your Resume Short

Even if you think all the information about you and your experience are necessary, try to fit everything on one or two pages. If you have less than ten years of experience as QA Software Tester, you should create only a one-page job application. Ope page will be the best also if you undergo a career change and you don’t have much relevant job experience.
If your experience is significant and the job offer requires detailed technical skills, your resume might be longer. However, you should never make it longer than two pages.

6. Tailor Your Resume To Each Job Offer

Even if you think that all the job offers seem similar, some details might be different. And most of the time these details make a difference. A recruiter from the big global company will focus on different skills and experience than the one working in a smaller office. That is why you need to read all the job offers carefully and try to emphasize your skills and knowledge that you think will draw the attention of this particular recruiter.

7. Describe All Your Projects

When you succeed in drawing the attention of a recruiter, and he starts to read through your resume, he or she will focus on your experience and the projects you worked on. Therefore, you should make sure that each of them is presented in a clear and easy to read way. The best option is to describe each project by using bullet points:

Name of the project:
Project Description: – no more than two sentences
Environment: – software coding language, testing tools, etc.
Accomplishments: – all key responsibilities

8. Show All Your Your Certificates And Training

If you are a QA Software Tester, make sure to add all software testing certificates and finished courses. They will be an added advantage for all your QA position. Make sure you are up to date with all certificates and courses. The IT industry is continuously developing. Therefore, you need to show the recruiter you continually work on your skills.

9. Focus On Giving Real Examples

“Team player,” “ambitious” or “active” don’t mean much for the recruiters. If you think you are a great team player, add an example of a situation when you got to use that skill and how valuable was it for the project. Try to write just 1-2 short sentences regarding each case. It will give the real image of your skills and work ethics and will be much more valuable than just the empty phrase that everybody else puts in their resume.

10. Never Lie In Your Resume

There is nothing worse than getting caught lying. Even if you think you don’t have enough experience or skills, you should never lie in your job application. Even if you get invited to the job interview, recruiters might ask you a question you won’t be able to answer or check your skills. If they find out that you’ve lied, they might be very disappointed, and you won’t have any chance for any future in this company.

11. Proofread Your Resume

When you think your resume is ready, take a rest, have a break and come back to it after a while. Proofreading your document is essential as you cannot make any mistakes in your paper. It is also good to get someone else’s feedback. Therefore, you should show your application to your friend or family member to read through it and let you know if you’ve made any mistakes, or maybe you should change anything.

12. Be Active And Up To Date

Even if you succeeded in finding the job, you should keep your resume up to date. Update it every time you gain new experience or skill. You never know when you will need to send a resume. You might get the opportunity to work for your dream company or a dream project. Being ready is key in the IT industry.

Conclusion :

Being in the IT industry for more than 15 years now, I can surely say, if you follow above 12 effective ways and modify your resume accordingly, you will certainly find yourself getting more calls for an interview.

If you have more proven ideas and tips, please feel free to share with us

All the Best!

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