How to become an efficient Programmer

To become a good programmer, you do not need to be super genius, an average mind can be good programmer. You just need to find out what you need and how you going to get that.

All the programming language are same, people faces same problesm everyday, and all of them have some what same solutions.

There is no point in re-inventing the wheel!

As a good programmer you need to be able to understand the problem you are facing while programming,  and you need to be able to find its solution. Its up to you where you search for the solution, in books or google. I would prefer the google way.

The problems any programmer faces are already faced by some one in the world (unless you have created a mess that no one has got into yet), he has already spent hours to find solution to it. Now as I said earlier there is no point in wasting few more hours on the problem that’s solution is already available some where out there. You just need to pull it out.

This will save your development time and quality assurance cycle time as the solution is already tested.Â

Now If you want to be a good programmer, just don’t copy the solution, invest some time in understanding the solution and reasons behind the problem. It will be quick understanding as solution is with you.

Keep on doing this regularly and one day it will be like you will not need any online library to read for your problem. You on your own will develop the solution using your past experiences. See you have become a “Good Programmer” now.

This is what I do, people are free to think and do whatever they want.

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