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I always wanted to try and develop a WordPress Theme on my own and feel proud :). I didn’t get any chance till now and as soon as I got one, here I am with simple yet powerful WordPress Theme. The theme has enough configuration options that are required to run a business website or blog successfully. The theme is based upon the famous Foundation Front-end Framework. I used the flexible and responsive CSS it provides to layout components. I am going to upload the theme to WordPress soon, so that if you want you can give it a try.

The Opencodez Theme provides you options listed below which you can use with ease-

  • Flexible Layout
  • Custom Header Background
  • Page/Post Templates
  • Custom Logo
  • Custom Menu
  • Slider
  • Blurb
  • Portfolio
  • Advertisement Management
  • Social Management

Here  I am going to showcase few of the things from the theme that will help you understand the theme and its functionality

Primary Menu, Header, Layout

Primary Menu, Header Space, Layout

Primary Menu, Header Space, Layout

The theme has strategically place Primary Menu. You can decide, design and assign important links to this primary menu where most of the viewers of any site look for.

Then you have nicely cut-out header space where you can place beautiful logo for your business or project. You can even change the header background from configuration if that suits your need.

Left and Right Sidebars are carefully calculated and perfectly balances the main content area and widget areas. Also I know you must have observed that this theme has a body background. So just to confirm your observation, Yes we have background and you can take advantage of this or if you dont want to use it you can change the settings from theme options panel.

Extended Footer, Copyright

Extended Footer, Copyright, Secondary Menu

Extended Footer, Copyright, Secondary Menu

The extended footer is the thing that gives your site a unique and rich look. The extended footer is divided in 3 parts, Footer One, Footer Two and Footer Three. In these you can put in all the widgets, texts you want to. Apart from this if you have social settings on like facebook, twitter etc, they will be placed here.

Lastly we have small section where you can put your copyright statement and secondary menu. Isn’t it look great?

Opencodez Theme also has support for templates and home pages settings. The home page has a slider, blurb and portfolio section. You can control all of these from theme options panel. Theme has page templates with Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, Both Sidebars and Full width which you can use for various purpose as per  your need.

Now, lets get brief about admin panel and how we see these options in admin area. As I said we have 3 sidebars, Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar and Extended Footer, this extended is also treated as side bar so that you can manage its content. It will look like in admin panel as shown below-

Sidebars - Admin View

Sidebars – Admin View

Theme provides other options that can be used very easily. The configuration is divided in four categories-

Basic Settings : This tab deals with the settings like header background, logo, copyright text, layout etc.

Basic Settings - Admin Panel

Basic Settings – Admin Panel

Home Page Settings : This tab provides setting that you want to display on home page of your website like Slider Settings, Blurb Settings etc.

Home Page Settings - Admin Panel

Home Page Settings – Admin Panel

Social Settings : As name suggest this tab controls and allows you to decided to show or hide social links on your site

Social Settings - Admin Panel

Social Settings – Admin Panel

Advertisement Management: Everyone wants to monetize their site but putting some ads provided by leading ad partners. This section is there to help you out just in that. It allows you to put ads in few of the selected areas like In-Post, Below Post, Global Header etc.

Advertisement Settings - Admin Panel

Advertisement Settings – Admin Panel

WoW!! That’s too much of a theme to start off with. I am glad that I was able to build and use some thing and more glad because I am able to share it with others. Hope this gives you good insight of the the theme.
Updated theme again to support the Google Custom Search Engine. I was trying to use default html code provided by google but it was completely design misfit. So decided to add widget and came up with very simple widget which will take you custom search engine id and url where you want to display results and your are done. Just save the values and put widget where ever you want to display google branded search box.

Widget - Google Custom Search Engine

You can download and try this theme from below link. If you find any issues please use this Contact form and I would love to try and address the issues. Please subscribe to our sites feed using the subscription form available on right side and get free updates in your mailbox.

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