Google Publisher Plugin for WordPress to Manage Adsense

Google announced release of their first official publisher plugin on their Webmaster Central Blog two days ago. This is the first of a kind move from search engine giant in the web monetization area. The Google Publisher Plugin released is going to help millions of site owners to manage their Adsense and Webmaster Tools within their WordPress. Publishers don’t need to go through any process to get their site verified, they can do it right from their WordPress Login.

Google making this move is a clear indication that Google wants to leverage the Adsense popularity and want to keep  its millions of user happy and encourage them to use more and more Adsense than any other publisher programs available out there. I am sure this move to allow WordPress users to use Google Products easily with the platform is highly welcomed and appreciated.

Google Publisher Plugin

The plugin is in beta mode and I am sure the Google Team is working effortlessly to fine tune the plugin and remove any issues that are reported by users in beta testing.

This initial version of the Google Publisher Plugin currently supports two Google products:

  • Google AdSense: Earn money by placing ads on your website. The plugin links your WordPress site to your AdSense account and makes it easier to place ads on your site — without needing to manually modify any HTML code.
  • Google Webmaster Tools: Webmaster Tools provides you with detailed reports about your pages’ visibility on Google. The plugin allows you to verify your site on Webmaster Tools with just one click.

As of now the plugin works on self hosted WordPress sites and its not supported for the sites hosted on We will soon do it testing on one of our sites and will get you the results.

You can download the plugin from WP Repository below.

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