Website counters

Website counters proves to be one of the best tools that web masters can use to analyze the site performance. There are numerous free and commercial web counter services available on net. Few to list are as –

But, I preferred to give it a try using simple image functions that PHP provides. It’s not that fancy but it serves the purpose. Here are some image samples that I created using this custom class.
Counter  counter2  counter3  counter4

and the code that generated it is –

Simple and easy to use. This code is to create just an counter image that will be displayed on your site. Simply including wont log your site traffic details. You need to add some other support like logging the data like browser in which your site is viewd, the country locations, how users are landing up on your site etc. etc. I have not tried to do that Yet but will think of giving it a try. Mean while you can downlaod this class from here

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