Free Site Hosting with Google!

Yes, You can host your site for free using Google services. Provided you have a domain name registered with you.
Once you have your domain, go for Google Apps, create a free account. In Google apps you will get loads of free services like gmail,gtalk,docs etc that users can use as they are provided by your domain. Using google apps you can create email addresses like [email protected]
In Google Apps you’ll get web pages utilities and thats what we want to host our site for free!
Once you are a registered user of your domain and google apps the only thing you have to do is log in to your domain controller account and add one CNAME entry in to it. The CNAME entry will be provide by Google in Google Apps once you register with them.By default google provides around 50 page layouts you can use one of them. But if you use them you will not get that much freedom to mangae the layout of pages. Instead do the following

  1. Develop pages as per your need of design and layouts
  2. Put follwoing simple javascript code in to default start page that google provides. It will redirect to home page designed by

Then only problem with this free hosting is that you will get to play with only html pages. Any other technologies like PHP,JSP not supported. But if your site is only for information purpose. This is the best place. No other hosting service provide will give you 100MB of space for free!!

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