Google Charts – Intro

Finally, I have got a chance to work with Google Charts . Google has introduced this online facility of charts way back, but never got chance to use it. Google provided these image charts when you query their servers with url like format like

Google can provide charts like:

Pie Chart

Pie Chart

Google has defined the parameter interpretation and data formatting we send to them. You can find that information from following links.

  1. Chart Types
  2. Data Formats

It might be very easy for an experienced developer/designer to integrating the Google Charts in any applications but for the the newbees its kind of difficult to get hold on it. It takes some time to understand the chart types, the data formats, the data encoding.

When I started reading through I felt the same. So I have decided to write some wrapper classes , which will help me form the correct url for any charts. There may be lots of other ready-made classes out on the net, but I preferred to refer them as base for my class. It will give me more understanding of the Charts.

This was all about me taking on Google Charts. Will write soon about few charts and their implementation with code samples.

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